Our Promise

Waco Taxi Golden Rules:

* Waco Taxi Drivers will endeavor to take the most efficient route possible to the passenger’s destination.

* Waco Taxi Drivers will be safe and courteous and obey all traffic laws.
* Waco Taxis will be clean and smoke-free.

* Waco Taxi accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.
* Pursuant to state law, all passengers must wear a seatbelt if available for their seat. If, for any reason, a passenger has trouble securing their seatbelt, driver will provide assistance upon request.

* For safety reasons, passengers should use curbside door to exit taxi cab.

* A receipt will be provided upon request by Waco Taxi

* Air-conditioning or heat will be provided upon request.

* Drivers will assist passengers by placing luggage, packages and wheelchairs in and out of the taxicabs when requested.

* Passengers are reminded to take all of their possessions when exiting the taxi. Our Lost & Found phone # is: 254-774-4450 in case something is left behind.